Supply Chain Due Diligence – Briefing Notes

So much manufacturing has gone offshore. Australians mostly impacted by slavery through the products we buy. Imported manufactured goods may contain slavery and labour exploitation. There are workers who are trafficked into work places in many of these countries. An Australian Modern Slavery Act should incorporate mandatory due diligence reporting for businesses who reach an appropriate financial threshold, or source from high risk areas of the world. Voluntary reporting should also be available for businesses falling outside these parameters.  The Australian Government should lead the way in ensuring that public money is only used to procure goods and services from companies that demonstrate sufficient measures to minimise the risk of slavery in their supply chains.

Supply ChainsSupply Chain

Download this briefing paper to be better informed. Sheets can also be printed and shared with your politicians.

Australia is inevitably implicated in slavery through the consumption of imported goods where forced labour and child labour are used in their production. Currently there is little way of knowing with certainty the extent of slavery which touches Australian consumer goods. Whilst statistics can provide an indication as to the extent of slavery in developing nations, they are unable to demonstrate the extent to which developed nations are touched by slavery as a result of importing goods from o shore manufacturing and labour, including forced labour.

The only way in which Australian consumers can develop an awareness of the potential connection between the products they consume and human trafficking, forced labour and slavery is if corporations are required to be transparent with regard to the way in which their products are produced and made available for sale within Australia.

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