Ethical Fashion Report – Baptist World Aid Australia

Each year Baptist World Aid Australia Advocacy area produced this report. They are very active members and partners to STOP THE TRAFFIK Australian Coalition. As they say about the report:

It… sheds light on what the industry and individual companies are doing to address forced labour, child labour and exploitation. Each report – since the launch of the first in 2013 – has tracked the progress within the industry. The change since 2013 has been significant. In this edition we have assessed 106 companies, awarding each a grade from A to F based on the strength of their labour rights management systems to mitigate the risk of exploitation in their supply chain. This report marks a significant expansion of the work of previous reports adding 50% more companies, updating the research and adopting a new and enhanced rating tool. 78% of the companies assessed directly engaged in the research process – up from 54% in the first report.

You can read the full report at:


What is the Ethical Fashion Guide?

Each year Baptist World Aid Advocacy research and develop the Ethical Fashion Guide. It has become an industry standard. As they say: The Ethical Fashion Guide is a companion to the 2017 Ethical Fashion Report. Use it to help you make everyday, ethical purchasing decisions. Take it with you when you shop and buy your clothes from the companies doing more to protect their workers. Vote with your wallet and encourage more companies to end exploitation in their supply chains. It can be downloaded at: