’20 EU countries see rise in modern slavery risks – Study’, Verisk Maplecroft

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Verisk Maplecroft, a global risk consultancy firm, estimated that in 2017 modern slavery risks rose in 20 of the 28 members states of the European Union.  Senior Human Rights Analyst at Verisk Maplecroft states, with regard to Europe, ‘The migrant crisis has increased the risk of slavery incidents appearing in company supply chains across Europe’. The migrant crisis includes the hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Syrian war.

Read the article here: https://www.maplecroft.com/portfolio/new-analysis/2017/08/10/20-eu-countries-see-rise-modern-slavery-risks-study/

‘Human trafficking in times of significant humanitarian crises’, by Luke Ryan, NEWSREP

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’Wherever people are more vulnerable, others seek to take advantage’. In this article Luke gives some examples of vulnerable people affected by modern slavery including those affected by Hurricane Katrina in the US, the Rohingya people who are currently amassed on the border of Bangladesh and Burma/Myanmar and people located near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan as the war continues. He also identifies some potential traffickers.

Read the article here: https://thenewsrep.com/104924/human-trafficking-in-times-of-significant-humanitarian-crises/